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Frequently Ask Question

Direct from bee farm without any fabrication process

To take 100% nutrient include “yeast” and “magnesium”. These are easy to be lost in any fabrication process

To kill the natural yeast inside raw honey to stop the fermentation process. So then, the honey could be kept for a long time in the store.

As long as it is not taste sour and smelly. You could consume it. Some people like the taste. It has some beer smell & taste. Thailand has honey beer, the most important process to ferment the honey

80% is for drinking purpose, others are to fabricate to other healthcare products such as garlic honey, lemon honey, ginger honey and so on

Shaking during delivery will cause this. They will disappear if you leave there for sometime. If it is not disappearing, that means the honey has absorbed enough water to start thier early stage fermentation.

Bees are harvesting different flowers each time. Although, the environment is full of the same flower. However, Bees might also flies up to 3km to harvest different flower

Raw honey is seasonal products. Same area flowers will not bloom all year long.

Definitely, bee will work less. Plus, the moisture level in the honey is too high. We will not sell this to you.

Yes, for pre-order only (deposit is required). We have durian flower, osmanthus flower, & pineapple flower

Yes, we have 120g tester available.

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