Mixed Flower Honey

Wholesale: RM 580 / 10kg

Reseller: RM 58 / 0.7kg

Most famous honey on our list. The mixture of the flower depends on bees. Basic flower smell and taste are the same. However, each batch has a slightly different smell and taste (bees are harvest flowers by its instinct). The honey colour is slightly different for each batch.

Must Read! Raw honey VS Pure Honey?

Raw honey is not pure honey!

Raw honey is not pure honey!

Raw honey is not pure honey!

It's so important that we must repeat it three times

Raw honey refers to honey direct harvest from bee hives without any fabrication process

Pure honey refers to honey which was pasteurized (a technique to heat and kill micro bacteria). Honey sold in shopping's centre all go through this process. Then only, honey can store for longer times.

Raw honey contains live yeast. That why you might see some bubble floating on the top. This is not a deterioration. This is one of the natural behaviours of genuine raw honey. When you open a raw honey bottle, it may "pop" every time you open it.

Raw honey absorbs water in the air. As long as the moisture level is high enough, the yeast will grow. It fermenting some of the glucose(natural sugar), creates carbon dioxide and acetic acid. This is the reasons why fermented raw honey smell like beer.

The fermentation process also causes the air space inside the bottle to expand. If you put a glass bottle of raw honey under the sun and close it tightly, big possible the bottle will break. Or if you store in a plastic bottle, it will expand like a balloon

The below content is extremely important!

Live yeast benefits adult's digest system but NOT for children under 2 years old who not yet develop a complete digest system. It may cause infant botulism. It's a form of food poisoning which is dangerous to children


  1. Do not store raw honey at the place where exposes to sunlight. Keep it in room temperature or cool place.
  2. Close bottle tight, do not let raw honey exposes to air condition.
  3. If you want to store for longer's period, keep it in the fridge. It might crystalize. Don't worry, just put in 40-degree water. It will back to normal honey again.
  4. Do not use a wet spoon to take raw honey.

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